Haaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!! (A Susan Production.)

My friends, my friends, my friends... My new happy friends! I'm Susan (aka: Flower Child, Appalachian trail name.. You'll probably hear more than enough of that upcoming little summer adventure)

Who would have known that little Miss Susi would be the official Selfie Taker in the family? 

"Do you guys deny it? eeeehhhhhh!!! Abi? Becca? 

I win! I'm the Selfie Queen.

 whaa? you say it's not a contest?? ...


 (Susi is the 5 y/o me, when life was bright, and she owned her personality, we're getting back to that..)

In defense of the Selfie Taker, because I hear enough shaming to make me sick... (Noooooo, not by my siblings... haha, just the culture) 80 y/o you is going to love all those selfies. Ignore the haters. Not to mention everyone, but you, gets to see your beautiful face all the time.. That's like no fair. 

This is not gibberish, I'm not one of those people.. 
"aka: Flower Child, Appalachian trail name..."

Hikers of the AT go by trail names, and they don't neccasarily choose what it'll be. 

Flower Child was birthed in a cozy little Hostel along the trail in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. 
Susan had a very important reason to go to HF... She hyperventilated over trip plans for two months. Go by plane, train, bus, car, or foot??? Paperwork... Stress.... but when it came to lodging, it was electric... At the dinner table one day.. With an impish little smirk she told her parents "Hey Mom, Dad! Guess what! There's a hostel only 1/2 mile from the training center..." and they waited, wondering what was going to sell thiiisss deal...  If impishness was energy she'd light the whole house. Her eyes sparked as she added "a coed hostel" In other words Flower Child was transitioning. A cozy, private hotel would work too, ya know... but her parents after feeling assured that Susan, their precious daughter would be safe, didn't have any strong objections. A hiker was coming into the world, but how did she get that name? It was one of those five days of training, getting dropped off after a long weary exhausting day, usually Susan walked, but this days training had been off site. Everyone at the training seemed particularly remarkable, talented, unique... It was an honor to join them. One of those people christened the adorable brand new hiker. She loved her little hostel, loved the hikers staying there, and thought everyone needed to be a hiker and stay at hostels!! She was very excitable and her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. (Those eyes..) He unaware that she was a hiker, without a name, while they sat in the car right outside the happy hostel, called her Flower Child. The evening sun setting, birds singing, laughter, and enthusiastic thank yous... Yes, "Flower Child" suited the young happy hiker. 

Flower Child's journey starts May 2015. Who would have known? Not Susan. 

#BirthStories haha!! 

The mystery though... What was that very important reason to go to Harpers Ferry? I may talk about that someday, but then again maybe not.. Haha! I just like suspense... and it is stressful. I'm a baby FYI. The past year has been "Woah" and that's a good thing! but. Man. (I ain't got one of those... Ok, don't get distracted....) but, man.... alive.... has it been insanely exhausting, and where am I headed? That's the question... 

I'm looking forward to joining The Native Beat community. 

Happiness, peace, love..... Flower Child

P.S. This isn't a girls only blog. ;)

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