Hey there! Abi here..

Hello! I'm Abigail. :) Nice to meet you.

I'm the youngest of us three, but third oldest to the whole clan. ;)

If theres one thing I've learned in my few years of adulthood, its responsibility. Maybe some people have that learned by their mid to late teens.. but for me, emotional responsibility has just been coming in the last few years. And it hasn't been easy! What is easy, when it come to emotions?

Me and Lil' sis!
What do I mean by emotional responsibility? I mean, that my emotions and feelings, are MINE. And not to be blamed on anyone else.

"Thats an ugly dress you're wearing." Says someone.
"Well you're stupid!" Says me..

Not taking responsibility..

"Thats an ugly dress you're wearing." Says someone.
"You don't like it?" Says me.


Emotional responsibility is about making things REAL. Bringing out the truth. In myself as well as others. See, part of taking my own emotional responsibility, is seeing that others are also responsible for their own emotions. Truth is, a dress can't be ugly. Its all a matter of perspective and opinion.

So here I am trying to find my way, and my focus in the world. :) One, emotional response, at a time.. ;)

Lovely to meet you!!! ^_^


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