Susan's 10 Reasons To Avoid Hostels

Not only do you share bathrooms with complete strangers you're going to *gasp* share rooms!! 

2) Talking to Strangers
When you're sitting down in the common spaces... (Everywhere) you can only avoid eye contact for so long, and you might even get tricked into conversations with strangers... It starts out rather innocent... "So where you from?" 

3) Sharing
Yep that's right... The maple syrup, couch, kitchen, shower... No locking the door and having it all to yourself! (Well the shower, but don't be a hog.)

Teahorse Hostel, Harpers Ferry, WV
4) Messes
Got to clean up after yourself... "Hey Susi wash your dishes!" "Fine Mom... I mean hostel rules.." Just like home... First World Probs... :/

5) No Pool, No TV, No Bedside Bibles...
Instead you'll find yourself playing scrabble, or ordering pizza, talking to strangers... Touristing the town... 

6) Curfew
Well kinda, and no snoring! Please...

Teahorse Hostel, Harpers Ferry, WV
7) Safety 
You're responsible for yourself, electronics, valuables... Instead of keeping things behind locked doors, you'll have to trust your instincts and act accordingly. All on your shoulders. That's intimidating.

8) Empty Chairs and Empty Tables... 
Your friends, I mean strangers, they'll be just a memory... and life will go on... It'll feel depressing... 

9) Why?
To be or not to be? Philosphical ponderings.. Questioning your life purpose and realizing the giant flaws you've now discovered means there could be others you're blinded to... 

Teahorse Hostel, Harpers Ferry, WV
10) There is no going back
Spending five days with no privacy, talking to strangers, sharing maple syrup.... It was a slow but steady transition from having the world all neatly organized and predictable, to a wild and wonderful world of possibilities. 

So maybe just go to a hotel... lock that door and watch the news. You'll be safe there. ;) 

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