One heck of a journey...

I said I was going to blog about hiking the Appalachian Trail.. 

and that didn't happen... On trail.. 

Right now isn't the best time to talk about it either, because of this gosh darn post thru hike depression.. But I'm going to someday. I'm going to be able to tell you that it was the absolute best decision I've ever made, that my sister and I bonded through trials and triumphs, and a lot of mountainside arguments..... Haha.. :) and that I left the trail completely transformed. I wasn't Susan anymore, I was Flower Child.. 

"Our hike" as we like to call it ended in Pawling New York. From there we took a detour to meet up with Abi (Wild Child) and Carl (Man Child) in Pennsylvania. And then we hiked to Harpers Ferry West Virginia where Abi and I headed home, and Carl and Rebecca continued the trek. 

Our hike from Mt. Katahdin to a little sandwich deli near Pawling New York... The emotions, and experiences were intense. I fractured my foot and continued hiking, we faced out fears and insecurities and continued hiking.. Rain? Cold? Hunger? Physical pain? Mental exhaustion? We kept at it.. I should write about the first month.. Because the emotional storm was crazy. How many times did we decide the next town we were heading home? Officially. Definitely. No question.. Than it shifted to sometimes missing family, or conveniences.. But hiking was life. I remember sometimes needing a little encouragement to keep going, and all I had to do was look up the trail and wonder... "What's ahead of that hill? Or turn? What's just over there past what I can see? and like a child I'd want to find out. 

I fractured my foot within the first month of hiking and continued hiking for 3 months... The pain, and mental torture.. Waaaaaaah..  I think there might be a tie to 6 months of post thru hike depression and my bullheaded stubbornness.. X) That's a journey in and of itself.. I want to share my memories of living on the Appalachian Trail.. Spending most nights hanging in a hammock, most days in the wilderness, climbing mountains, and falling in love with breathtaking views.. Maybe that'll get me through the hiker depression too. 

and don't think that's my last thru hike attempt.. I'm pretty sure I'll be out there again.. :) 

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